Uber Latin…

 After their critically acclaimed debut, “Mano Mano”, Deela released the “RuhrFahrt EP”, just to give a taste to what we could expect from them in the near future. Including 6 tracks, this EP is worth listening to it for a couple of alternate mixes on tracks of their first work. A must have for Deela’s fans. Enjoy… 4/5!


Kabanjak’s Return…

 About Kabanjak: A certified soul and sound searcher in his own right, producer Ingo Moell in his guise as Kabanjak has long been taking the role of the experienced cinematic soundsmith at Switchstance Recordings. His music invites you to lean back mentally and let yourself go physically. In the songs and tracks of Kabanjak lies great admiration for the classic film composers and library music masters of the Sixties and Seventies as well as for the works of modern electronica producers. A true studio native, Kabanjak is known to spend many hours jamming, recording and cutting epic tracks, refining them to shimmering perfection. And while the musical moods of Kabanjak may be grand and cinematic, his grooves are as down-to-earth as they come and known for having the ability to rock dancefloors far and wide. His colourful first artist album „Tree of Mystery“ was picked up by ESL Music for a worldwide release in 2010.






Switchstance Treats Us Good!

 Despite being busy with his upcoming debut record, Astroboter made us a gift for our 10th Label Anniversary. A year after his “Merry Meditation Mix” he returns with “Delights For Psychic Minds“.vThis mix takes you on a ride through LSD-drenched Psychedelic Rock, surreal Library Music and ends with Jazz & Sitars, played in the dark woods. This is Part I of the “Delights For Psychic Minds Mix” and Part II will be released exclusive onDublab.com within the next weeks.

“This are tunes I found during the year. I compiled them but the mix was too long, so I decided to chop it into two parts and make them a gift for Switchstance Recordings and Dublab. You need both mixes to enjoy the whole magic. Stay tuned and double your psychic powers!” – Astroboter

01. Barry Forgie – Dawn Mists (Peer International Library Limited)
02. Frumpy – How The Gipsy Was Born (Philips)
03. The Open Mind – Magic Potion (Philips)
04. Erik – Look Where I Am (Vanguard)
05. The Prodigal – Reality (Mercury)
06. 13th Floor Elevators – Dear Dr. Doom (International Artists)
07. Damon – Oh What A Good Boy Am I (Ankh)
08. Brian Bennett – Darkside (Bruton Music)
09. Flat Earth Society – Dark Street Downtown (Psycho Records)
10. Yatha Sidra – A Meditation Mass – Part III (Brain)
11. Mal Waldron & Terumasa Hino – Reminicent Suite (Nippon Victor)
12. Espen Eriksen Trio – In The Woods (Rune Grammofon)
13. Kali Bahlu – Cosmic Remembrance (World Pacific)
14. Sagram – Becky’s Dance (Windmill)
15. Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks Theme (WB Records)


Switchstance Newsletter…


Hailing from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Los Angeles resident Christopher Vagnoni a.k.a. Fat Albert Einstein is a multi-instrumentalist composer / producer with a taste for dusty rhythm driven songs, reminiscent of funky cross genre soundtrack themes. Christopher plays drums and melodica in the dubbers rock band Team Scrub, who was Aloe Blacc’s backing band for a brief stint. As Fat Al, he has worked with Clutchy Hopkins, the Kone and Stoup of Jedi Mind Tricks. Currently signed on Switchstance Recordings, he will be releasing his new projectAFTER THE BEEP on 11/11/11.

Raised as a visual artist, drawing, painting and sculpting, music came later in life. “I realized I can apply similar aesthetics used in visual composition in my song composition. I always enjoy getting my hands dirty when I work, so that emotions may be felt in a graphic sense. Live instruments offer me this sensation. Like sculpture and painting, you can feel intention left in the piece, be it through a strong gestural stoke or by taking a breath and pausing, stepping back, so to leave a moment naked and raw in its silence. This is important to me. This is what I know.” 

Fat Al is the resident DJ at Largo in Los Angeles, selecting vinyl only sets for a long list of musicians, comedians and actors such as: Sarah Silverman, Jon Brion, Aziz Anzari, Zach Galifanakis, Steve Martin, Louis CK, Larry Coryell, Brad Meldau, Nels Cline, Larry David, Andrew Bird, Adele, Fiona Apple, Jack Black and Will Farrell.


Switchstance Autumn Update…

 From deep within his fabled Mechano Tonatelier studio come the sounds of Protassov, another artist who belongs to the Switchstance primeval soup. A true musician to the core from his early youth, Protassov does not only own a great collection of both traditional and electronic instruments and sound devices, he also makes use of it in whatever way imagined – just like the famous and totally unknown Kraut, Psychedelic, Lo-Fi, Trip Hop and Post-Rock innovators he so loves and admires. But Protassov sees himself not nailed to any of these genres, and it shows: His tracks cleverly blend sonic curiosity and savvy chill or dancefloor production techniques, a combination which has made him the chosen collaboration partner for well-known artists like singer Bajka – to be found on „Shalina Music“, his first artist album for Switchstance Recordings – Jon Kennedy, Flevans or The Jungle Brothers, while also being a steady contributor to compilations of trusted taste-makers such as Kid Loco as well as providing music for video games and movies.




It’s weekend time: People all over the world spread out looking for a good time in a club or bar. We Dance To Forget, the new EP from your favorite music Deela is a diverse blend of musical genres aiming directly at the dancefloor. Whether it’s the Samba-esque beats of Mistura or the hypnotic grooves of Tell Me Your Secrets – with a stomping electronic remix by UK talent Diesler – this piece of music wants you to have a good time and forget all your troubles! More Kindness, a soulful combination of funky drums, Brazilian riddims and voice pitching is the perfect song to grab your partner and shake it till you loose it! We Dance To Forget, the title song of this EP, is a reminiscence of the good French House era back in the 90´s.

Remember? Drifting apart?

Ingo Möll, also known as Kabanjak and one half of the Ancient Astronauts, shows with his musical outlet Deela a strong love for music from around the world with a positive vibe. As a globally touring DJ he knows how to get a crowd going and being a skilled musician, he combines live instrumentation and electronic production techniques. These experiences melt directly into his remixes and productions and build the foundation for the music of Deela.

The We Dance To Forget EP is an energetic feel good fusion for your dancing and listening pleasure!



Switchstance Radio Show…

Switchstance Recordings is proud to present the new radioshow, hosted by Protassov and Dogu (Ancient Astronauts). Filled with 1 ½ hours of music and shouts by Subatomic Sound, DJ DRM and many more. The breaks & beats label from Germany celebrates it’s 10thanniversary this year.