Wardrobe Lounge…

1323369481_cover Bart & Baker are 2 of the high priests of nu swing. What you know, they own and what you don’t know, they select and propose. “Burlesque Swing” was released in 2011 and it’s one of the most acclaimed compilations of nu swing style. Grab a pair and let yourself loose into the sound of yesterday. 4/5!



Swing Rebet…

front One of the accomplishments, that Greece should be proud of, are Imam Baildi. The two brothers continue their journey through Greek roots and electronica with their second album, “The Cookbook”, which was released in 2010. Their excellent production, the new hip hop installments, the collaborations and the “wedding” between the old and the new, are the elements that characterize their beautiful work and make “The Cookbook” one of the best albums this poor country has ever created. 4/5!




 The prince is back. Or better, the king. Swing goes back to its rightful place and the clubs are banging under the retrospective eye of this multi – talented producer. Parov Stelar is here. The past is now and his second double sized gift, is called “The Princess”. The sound is familiar, so we won’t go into any further details. Check the many collaborations on the vocals and in general, don’t miss this. After all, it’s Parov Stelar. You know what you get. It’s called quality… 4/5!