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It’s weekend time: People all over the world spread out looking for a good time in a club or bar. We Dance To Forget, the new EP from your favorite music Deela is a diverse blend of musical genres aiming directly at the dancefloor. Whether it’s the Samba-esque beats of Mistura or the hypnotic grooves of Tell Me Your Secrets – with a stomping electronic remix by UK talent Diesler – this piece of music wants you to have a good time and forget all your troubles! More Kindness, a soulful combination of funky drums, Brazilian riddims and voice pitching is the perfect song to grab your partner and shake it till you loose it! We Dance To Forget, the title song of this EP, is a reminiscence of the good French House era back in the 90´s.

Remember? Drifting apart?

Ingo Möll, also known as Kabanjak and one half of the Ancient Astronauts, shows with his musical outlet Deela a strong love for music from around the world with a positive vibe. As a globally touring DJ he knows how to get a crowd going and being a skilled musician, he combines live instrumentation and electronic production techniques. These experiences melt directly into his remixes and productions and build the foundation for the music of Deela.

The We Dance To Forget EP is an energetic feel good fusion for your dancing and listening pleasure!

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